Do you have a fancy-shmancy camera but only minimally know how to operate it? Or maybe you know how to, but you just can't get consistently good photos of your kids, grandchildren, family, business events, soccer games, etc.?

Then, Level I and Level II Camera Classes might but JUST for you!

Here is some info on Level I and Level II classes:

Level I class will cover:

  • Important camera elements

  • Exposure

  • Aperture (and aperture-priority mode)

  • Depth of field

  • Shutter speed

  • Focal length

  • The importance of prime lenses

  • Focus modes

  • Basic lighting techniques

  • Basic composition techniques

Level II class will cover:

  • Drive modes

  • ISO

  • Focus area (auto v. single-point)

  • Metering

  • White balance

  • Intermediate lighting techniques

  • Intermediate composition techniques

  • Posing siblings

  • Employing various perspectives

Ready to book? Complete this short contract and reserve your spot to the next Level I or Level II Camera Class, hosted by Robin Angell.

**Please note, space is limited. Also, you must complete Level I class before attending Level II class**

You may not reproduce (copy) the documents given to you with others (including personal notes).
You may not share or screenshot the content of private Facebook group.
You may not become an established photography business for 365 after the date of photography class with Robin Angell.
No refunds are offered for the class. You may transfer a deposit to a different date or session if you cannot attend after booking.
The deposit is non-refundable, but may be applied to another class should you be unable to attend. Please give 48 hours notice.
You are required to bring a DSLR camera to the class. Prime lens suggested.
You may not share or discuss the specific contents of the class with others, except those who have attended class with you.
Robin Angell, her business, nor any other person or business assisting with this course are liable for any personal injury or damage to personal property/equipment.
Robin Angell cannot promise any specific outcomes due to the nature of the course, personal limitations,  variations in equipment, editing techniques, etc.
Robin Angell makes no promise on future communications via Facebook group after the course, due to the nature of social media and its limitations.

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