Photography: Your Life as Art. Invest in memories. Invest in 'happy'.

Why invest in Photography? Why invest in MY photography? Why do I call this an investment versus a purchase? Well, here goes the short answer followed by your investment options.

As a mom, I know that my daughter grows daily and there is never a day I can get back. When I look at the photographic art on my walls, I know it was time and/or money well spent. I can recall how teeny-tiny she was. I can recall hearing her giggle as I made silly noises behind the camera. I can recall that moment in time that I cannot get back but will always cherish. Photography captures times in our lives that we want to remember. A birth. A birthday. A wedding. A simple holiday shot that shows your quirky twelve year old refusing to smile. Don't you want to look back tomorrow ,10 years and in 50 years and laugh, smile, and admire every stage of life? I do. It is an investment I make a necessity rather than a luxury. A pair of boots or a designer purse is a luxury. A purchase. Photography is art. YOUR art to treasure when memories begin to fade.

As a photographer, mom, and someone who knows the value of a dollar (I shop at thrift stores and cut coupons), I promise you will have photographs that capture your happy family, your toddler crying because he can't have a tenth cookie, your daughter's first taste of cake, you and the love of your life announcing plans to be married... the list goes on. What do you want to remember? Those are the memories I want to capture for your family.

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